5 Reasons To Love 12V Tools

12V tools seem to have gotten a bit of a bad reputation over the years. Many people think they have no place on a work site and solely belong in the home or shed but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

1. Manoeuvrability

Why would a power tool company make a less powerful version of something they already make? It doesn’t really make much sense until you realise that more power doesn’t always mean better.

If your job that day is to drill holes overhead into thin material, then a big bulky 18V drill will do the job no problem but your shoulder won’t be too pleased. You don’t need all that power, what you need is lightness and manoeuvrability and that is where 12V comes in.

Just look at the comparison between combi drills below to see for yourself.

2. Power

12V tools are less powerful than 18V tools. There is no argument there, its just science but they are probably more powerful than you think.

If we look at Milwaukee’s 12V FUEL impact driver, which is generally considered to be the 12V market leader, we can see that it generates an enormous 147Nm of fastening torque which blows even the highest end 18V combi drill clear out of the water in terms of screwdriving applications.

Yes, Milwaukee’s 18V impact driver can churn out an astronomical 203Nm of torque so 12V can’t match 18V power but they are certainly not worlds apart like some people believe.

3. Variety

Variety of 12V Tools

Gone are the days of 12V tools being confined to a combi drill and perhaps an impact driver if you are lucky.

Today’s 12V tools come in a pic n mix of variety that rivals their 18v counterparts. In the image above we have a 12V router, circular saw, and planer from Bosch. We have Makita’s SDS+ and Milwaukee’s fancy new brushless 12V SDS+ drill and their innovative jigsaw, there is also a 12v multitool from Fein and even premier brand Mafell are getting involved with their 12V drill driver.

You can easily build a comprehensive 12V tool kit so you shouldn’t be afraid of limitations if you decide to go with a 12V power source.

4. Cost

Smaller bodies, batteries, and motors means smaller costs to manufacture and smaller manufacturing costs (sometimes) means smaller cost to the end user. You can walk in to your nearest ITS branch with £250 in your pocket and leave with a 12V tool kit to be proud of.

The cost effectiveness of these tools mean that they usually pay for themselves after the first few jobs, so you really don’t have much to lose if you’re still on the fence.

5. Portability

We’ve talked about the manoeuvrability of these little tools once you’re at the jobsite but what about before you get there?

We always see tradesmen and women on the train, cycling, or even walking to their place of work and they’re often going down the road looking like some sort of pack Mule with bags and totes filled with heavy tools hanging from every article of clothing. You can almost see the regret in their eyes from not kitting themselves out with lightweight 12V tools.

Even a situation not quite as dramatic as that can be made infinitely easier by 12V tools. Imagine you’re doing a quick job in a flat that just happens to be on the 30th floor of a building with a broken lift. Instead of putting your back out and hiring a Sherpa to get up the stairs with your kit, you can just clip the light and compact 12V tools to your belt, slide a couple of miniscule 12V batteries in your pocket, and you’re away!

Obviously, these situations are very slightly exaggerated but I’m sure you can see the benefits that light, compact, and easy to work with tools can bring to your business.

In Summary

12V tools have an unearned bad reputation and its only really in the last couple of years that they have begun to shake that reputation and really come in to their own and earn their place on work sites.

As battery and motor technology advances, the sky really is the limit on what these little tools can achieve and here at ITS we can’t wait to see what comes out next.

If you have any questions, recommendations, or fancy sharing your experience with 12V tools please leave us a comment below, email [email protected], or give our friendly team a call on 0208 532 5000 and we would be delighted to help however we can.

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