Wera Joker Combi Ratchet Wrench – Viva la revolution!

Wera Joker Wrench

The Egyptian Pyramids. Rain in Scotland. Jeremy Clarkson’s beer belly. Some things never change. Sometimes this is exactly how it should be – let’s face it, who’d want to nip down to the chippy and get celery sticks instead of a bag of chips? We’re not all Jamie Oliver!

But then there’s occasions when changing something can bring unexpected and great rewards. It’s that light-bulb moment when designers pull something out of the bag that you can’t help but think – “that’s genius”.

You’d think that the world of wrenches would fall into the first category – but you’d be wrong! The design geeks at Wera have taken a fresh approach and created the Wera Joker Combination Ratchet Wrench range and we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s an awesome new product well worth adding to your tool kit.

Wera Joker Wrench image 2

A Unique Combination Ratchet Wrench Design = Easy Life

Not only does the Joker offer all the advantages of both a ratchet and wrench in one, but also boasts a unique mouth design that holds nuts and bolts before being placed to be fastened. So no more worrying about dropping and losing nuts, no more having to carry another tool to hold bolts in place – this tool sorts all that out to make things a whole lot easier. Don’t you just love stuff that makes life easier?

The depth-stop plate also features small teeth that give you added grip – ideal for when you’re working with oxidised nuts and bolts that are proving more troublesome than a hungry polar bear on the job-site.

Wera Joker Wrench image 3

The genius of all this comes in the shape of grooves that have been cut into the open end of the wrench. These grooves, combined with the integrated depth stop plate, prevents the nut from slipping off enabling a secure tightening connection. This gives you the opportunity of allowing you to throw your full weight into a job, without fear of injury or looking like a prat in front of your mates on-site (always a bonus). All this quickens the pace of work because all you have to worry about is turning… Kind of the reason for using a wrench in the first place!

Extremely hard tips bite into the bolt offering secure and easy tightening, while the Joker’s innovative design needs only a 30degree return angle. As that’s half of what a conventional wrench needs, you get the additional advantage of being able to work in tight, hard to reach places. When the tips get worn down, they are replaceable too – which is pretty sweet.

Wera Joker Wrench image 4

Not burying the Ratchet…

This aspect of the Joker hasn’t been scrimped on for the sake of the open wrench end – oh no! A directional guide (OK, an arrow…) is featured which may seem like a small aspect of the design in the grand scheme of things but, let’s face it, anything that translates into time-saving is well worth it. The ratchet is also finely-toothed which provides excellent control when working within confined spaces.

Wera Joker Wrench image 5

Looking at the Joker as a whole, it’s a lovely looking piece of kit. The Wera branding may be to keep their range of tools visually consistent, but it’s integrated into the ergonomic design meaning it feels comfortable to hold and use. (Some could say it’s handy… Sorry, couldn’t help myself).

Wera have spared no expense with the packaging of the sets too… The Joker 4 piece and 11 piece sets include a smart case featuring a Joker on the front. It’s a nice touch and gives off a real air of quality.

Wera Joker Wrench image 6

So, in summary…

So, in terms of wrenches, ratchets and combination tools, this works great. For all you plumbers, mechanics and engineers it’s a top-drawer tool that saves time and frustration, as well as making the boys on-site jealous of your swish new kit! The depth stop plate gives you the efficiency you need on the job, and the integrated teeth grip like Chuck Norris just when you need it. The Joker’s funky grooves may not get your foot tappin’ like James Brown, but they’re perfect for working in tight spots while the ratchet end is solid – providing added control. All this, plus a solid construction and considered design really sets it apart.

Here at ITS, we’ve got the Wera Joker Combination Ratchet Wrench range – from 8mm x 144mm right up to 19mm x 246mm plus 4-piece and 11-piece kits so check them out now

The Wera Joker is a first-rate product and revolutionary leap in design for combination wrenches and well worth adding into your tool kit – trust us, they ain’t no joke!

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