Festool TSC55 Cordless Plunge Saw – A cut above the rest


ITS are very happy to introduce the Festool TSC55 cordless plunge saw! Yes you read correctly… CORDLESS – Festool’s flagship power tool has just got better!

FESTSC55 - Body Only

Back in 2003 Festool created something special; a rail based circular saw that promised ‘splinter free cuts’ and although I was merely a young whipper snapper that was busy failing most of my GCSEs I was still able to look at this and think….SWEET

Well I was one of plenty of people that were pretty excited by this. And in the years after its initial release in 2003 Festool were working round the clock to perfect the TS 55 and finally in 2012 they released the TS 55 R.

The TS 55 R was able to offer accuracy and efficiency like nothing could before! It defied convention after being priced 30% more than its competitors and yet still outsold them. Tradesman up and down the country started to be won over by the craftsmanship, ease of use and accuracy of the TS 55 to the point where it is now the biggest selling plunge saw in the UK market. It really is a plunge saw in its purest form…. well that is until now!

Don’t compromise when going cordless

Yet again Festool are game changers. They have taken all the pros associated with the TS55 and created a cordless version that doesn’t compromise on quality, accuracy or power. This cordless Festool plunge saw is, at its best, a 36v battery operated power house that offers users the same performance as its corded counterpart. It achieves this when a user operates the TSC55 with 2 x 18V Festool Li-ion batteries; 18v + 18v = 36V and when this is the case the TSC55 will achieve 5200 rpm which, as the Festool fan boys amongst you will already know, is the same as the corded TS 55. However, the TSC will also take 14V batteries that you may already have, but of course with reduced performance and runtime.

If that wasn’t enough options then the TSC 55 also allows you to run it using just a single battery, so you can use either 1 x 18v battery or 1 x 15v battery but again performance levels with drop if you do!

See this comparison between the conventional corded TS55 and the newer cordless TSC55

FESTSC55 Comparison Table

The TSC has a brushless motor, which means that the motor is optimised to get the absolute most out of your battery and minimize wasted energy on heat, friction and motor wear. This is complimented by the batteries that are included with the machine which are 4.2Ah, offering you excellent runtime and these 18V batteries allow you to cut for long periods of time in an abundance of materials.

Still 100% Festool

Compatibility isn’t an issue either because the TSC55 works will every accessory and ‘system’ that the corded version does, excluding the CMS table – which after all makes sense because you wouldn’t use the CMS table in an environment where you need cordless tools. So that means that the guide rails, additional splinter guards and parallel guides all fit the same as the corded TS.

Most importantly, Festool circular saw blades have a kerf of 2.2mm and the cordless TS 55 uses exactly the same blades! it doesn’t require a thinner blade like some cordless saws. Festool were desperate to make sure that the cut quality wasn’t reduced when using a cordless circular saw and if the TSC 55 used a thinner blade then that’s exactly what would have happened!

Dust Free Cuts on the move!

The TSC55 offers dust free cuts on the move because when sold as a package (with batteries, charger(s) and systainer case) you will also receive a handy dust extraction bag which is easily fitted onto the dust nozzle towards the rear of the machine to enable users to collect the vast majority of excess dust from you job. Once the bag is full, simply undo the zip and tip the dust out into the bin. This means you can now work in a clean, dust free environment anywhere on and around site.

FESTSC55 - Angle Cutting in use

Festool Service all inclusive

Reasons for treating yourself to one of these machines don’t end there, because Festool are spreading the word about their pretty incredible service promise that they’re calling ‘service all inclusive’ which in a nutshell offers users a ‘warranty’ like no other. Covering you for any repair costs for 3 years, theft protection should you be unfortunate enough to get turned over and a money back guarantee for 15 days! For more information on Festool’s service all-inclusive click here!

Watch this exclusive video from ITS TV where you can see the TSC55 in all its glory

TSC55 – Game well and truly changed!

So to conclude, we’re pretty blown away by the TSC55 cordless plunge saw from Festool. It has taken a pretty perfect tool and without compromising on quality, efficiency or usability they’ve created a tool that is 100% free from the constraints of wires, plugs and site generators!

We want to know if you’re going to change to cordless and if you do let us know your thoughts on the TSC55REBQ and how/if it’s making your work quicker, easier or more efficient.

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