Top 10 Makita Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

I’ve been a fan of Makita for a fair few years now, both as a retailer, product administrator and user of their equipment. However, in a case of ‘Did you know’, this is my pick of some of their more unusual items and equipment that really stand out.

Now, now before I started writing this, I sat down with a cup of tea to go through their product range. I soon discovered that I needed something stronger in the form of coffee (other liquid options were readily available). And then, as if my pure coincidence (sic) I found the first of my oddities.

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#10 – Makita DCM501 18V Coffee Maker

Launched back in 2018 and utilizing a LXT battery, is the DCM501 18V Coffee Maker. Featuring a rugged design for job site use, and the heavy duty carry handle makes it just as portable as any coffee you can get from the local café.

The DCM501 comes with a specialized cup that fits in the machine but you can also use most commercial mugs up to 90mm in height.

Versatility is the name of the game here as you can either use the official Makita Café Pods (seriously) or ground beans of your choice. Makita Café Pods are available in 3 flavours: Mocha, Kilimanjaro and Brazilian. If that’s not to your taste, then any 60mm coffee pod will fit.

Makita DCM501 18V Coffee Maker

But then if coffee is not your thing, or your prefer Tea, Hot chocolate or even a ‘Cuppa Soup’ then the DKT360 36V (Twin 18V) LXT Kettle is the one you need.

Makita DKT360 36V LXT Kettle

#9 – Makita DKT360 36V LXT Kettle

The machine is equipped with an anti-spill lock button to minimize accidents while on site and because of the dual layer structure of inner stainless and outer plastic it provides high heat while keeping the kettle surface cool.

#8 – Makita DWD181 18V Wall Scanner

Before I was fan of Makita, I was (and still am) a massive Star Trek fan. So to have something that looks like it comes from Trek-lore is always going to peak my interest. In beams the DWD181 18V Wall Scanner – something that not only looks, but could almost work the same way as a tricorder.

This quality piece of kit comes with a multi detection mode that allows up to 3 detection results to be displayed at once on a the large, full colour, 4.1 inch screen.

The included laser guide emits lines to display the vertical centre of the sensor and the axis of the scan direction, and the presence of an object is indicated visually and acoustically. The simple but effective control panel features a power button, detection mode change and setting button.

Makita DWD181 18V Wall Scanner

The scene mode selection functionality lets you choose between Dry Concrete, Wet Concrete, Partition Mode and Radar View Mode, enabling you to get the most accurate information possible – and the IP54 dust and drip-proof design means you can use this quality, highly precise wall scanner on site without fear of it getting damaged.

Makita DVR350Z 18V Vibrating Poker

#7 – Makita DVR350Z 18V Vibrating Poker

One day last year, I was able to visit Makita in Twickenham and stumbled across a device that set my mind racing to a list of double-entendres.

Enter on to the scene the Makita DVR350Z 18V Vibrating Poker. Now before you start getting any ideas about marriage guidance rules or lonely nights (you know who you are), this has a genuine job-specific role. The DVR350Z vibrating poker provides 13,000 vibrations per minute with 1.1mm amplitude through the 800mm length, 25mm diameter shaft with a 2-position trigger allowing operation from two directions.

Have you calmed down/stopped laughing yet (God knows, it took me a while)? After I was able to compose myself, I soon discovered that this is specifically used for vibrating wet concrete to remove air bubbles from it, thus providing both consistency and strength to the concrete base.

There! Y’learn something new everyday….

#6 – Makita HR006GZ 80V Max XGT Brushless Demolition Hammer

Moving sideways to something completely different, I really have to mention the HR006GZ 80V MAX (Twin 40V) XGT Brushless Demolition Hammer purely for its power.

Revolutionary technology ensures that the battery and the tool’s motor technology work together for optimum performance. The HR006GZ, utilising two 40V MAX XGT batteries, has a soft start and anti-vibration technology providing you with a sturdy start and little feedback once you start working.

Despite it’s compact size, this brute of a machine delivers 20 Joules of impact energy with up to 2250 Blows Per Minute. As well as hosting a plethora of Makita technology including AFT, AVT and AWS, at the heart of this beast is the impressive brushless motor which uses every gram of power from the two 40V XGT Batteries to deliver 80V of power.

Makita HR006GZ 80V Max XGT Brushless Demolition Hammer

Makita 6 Piece Slotted, Pozi & Phillips Screwdriver Set

#5 – Makita 6 Piece Slotted, Pozi & Phillips Screwdriver Set

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, and despite being the brand of choice for a host of power tools, they also offer a range of hand tools for anyone to use. I say anyone as the one that really stands out for me is the 6 Piece Slotted, Pozi & Phillips Screwdriver Set.

Whether you’re a professional trader, home owner or DIY enthusiast, then having a set of good quality screwdrivers are just as important as having the right kind of milk for making a cuppa.

This selection of various length screwdrivers are insanely popular as well as useful for anyone to use. Incredible comfortable to hold and use, the handle design prevent them from rolling too far away while the central shaft is designed to withstand the rigors of working on site.

As with all Makita hand tools, you can be safe in the knowledge that the tools you’re using are of the highest quality with exceptional tolerances and performance level.

Makita DHG181ZJ 18V LXT Heat Gun

#4 – Makita DHG181ZJ 18V LXT Heat Gun

Trying to find a link into something completely different without sounding like Monty Python, this one is impressive and offers a huge scope for various jobs.

The Makita DHG181ZJ 18V LXT Heat Gun is one of those tools that you might look at and think, why would I need it, until you find yourself needing it.

Yes, it might look like a hair dryer (it isn’t, it says it in the manual, and the only reason they say that is that someone has tried it), but with the capability of producing up to 550°C, this is the perfect tool for cleaning off old paint, for bending plastic piping, for stripping wallpaper, adding wraps to cars and tables, as well as heat-shrinking wraps to parcels.

Capable of producing a flow of 200llitres/min, this 10W compact hot air blower is supplied with different nozzles to guide the air flow and protect certain materials.

…yeah, definitely NOT a hair dryer.

Makita DCW180Z 18V Li-ion Cooler

#3 – Makita DCW180Z 18V Li-ion Cool & WARM BOX

If you find yourself having to work outside, it is no secret that having an insulated coat or jacket will keep you warm and protect you against the cold. However, what about something to keep cool?

Rather unique is the DCW180Z 18V LXT Cool Box – whether you want a cold drink at the end of the day or going to the beach with the family, this LXT powered cooler will keep cold drinks cold or food warm. It also includes a bottle opener built in to the side as well as USB socket to charge up your phone, tablet etc when you’re on the road.

#2 – Makita DEAADP05 18V USB Charging Adaptor

Speaking of really useful things, and this is for LXT users. A few weeks ago, I was going home on the train when I overheard two gents talking about loosing power on one of their phones. The other gent pipes up and says, “You’re gonna love this!”

He then produces a DEAADP05 18V USB Charging Adaptor. He connects it to his 4.0Ah 18V LXT Battery, and taking his friends USB Cable, plugs it in to the adapter, and his phone lights up – charging and active.

Now I’ve seen LXT batteries charge many tools, but never a phone, or any other USB device for that matter. It is a brilliant bit of kit to keep in your equipment box, just in case.

Makita DEAADP05 18V USB Charging Adaptor

Makita MR009GZ 40V XGT Radio with Lantern

#1 – Makita MR009GZ 40V XGT Radio with Lantern

Now this little beauty has only recently come into us at ITS.

The MR009GZ 40V XGT Radio Lantern is perfect for camping, working in low light whether indoors or out doors.

This combination lamp offers a lantern, torch or strobe mode as well as offering various lighting tones to suit the location.

But that isn’t the best bit (in my opinion)…this compact lantern has a radio built in. And not just limited to AM/FM, this model also includes DAB and DAB+ which gives you the choice of hundreds of local as well as national radio stations to choose from.

If you can’t find something that you like, then you can simply connect it to your phone or tablet to stream your on playlist via Bluetooth which is built into the Lamp. If you happen to find your device’s power slowly draining while playing music, don’t worry.

The lamp has a USB Socket built into the side so that you will be able to charge your device while listening to your tunes.

I’m going to finish up here, and if you’ve made it this far, then fair-play to you.

But before I go, I’d like to present my final, honourable mention of something that ISN’T made by Makita.

Stealth Mounts

If you have a workshop, shed, site storage unit, where your power tools are lying around, then this is the answer to your prayers. In fact, you’ll begin to wonder how you go so far without these.

Stealth Mount offer a detailed range of storage mounts that can be strewed to a wall, top or bottom of a shelf to secure and store your power tools, batteries and chargers.

We know that workspace can be limited, so this gives you the chance to use as much space as is available to hold your tools in place for when you’re not using them.

Simply screw the Stealth Mount adapter to the wall or shelf, remove the battery from your power tool (assuming you’re not going to use it for a bit), and slide the tool on to adapter – sorted.

And its not just for tools, batteries or chargers, they even do a mount to hold your screwdriver bits on the side of your combi drill or drill driver.

And knowing how passionate Makita users are (you know who you are), the Stealth Mount range is colour-coded to suit the brand of tool you own, so yes, it comes in Makita blue.

You can check out all of our Makita Mounts here.

Makita Stealth Mounts

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