Top 10 Milwaukee Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

The Milwaukee range is growing year on year so keeping on top of what’s available can be a full-time job.

It’s a good job you’ve got me to run through some of our most unusual as well as quirky items and to guide you towards your next power tool purchase.

1. Milwaukee M12 SI-0 M12 Soldering iron

Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron

This sub compact soldering iron has an impressive 18 second heat up time so no hanging around when you’ve got lots to do and the 3 position head mean you can pick which is most comfortable for you. It heats up to 750 degrees fahrenheit and maintains that heat throughout tough applications.

The bright LED work light means even when working in low light conditions you can still see the job at hand. The tips are replaceable and no tools are needed.


2. Milwaukee M12 BSWP-0 M12 Brush Stick Water Pump

Milwaukee M12 Brush Stick Water Pump

This is a really great bit of kit with a really unique HYDROPASS filter system which prevents blocking of the inlet, this allows you to pump water at all times regardless of any debris picked up.

It will pump up to 2000 litres an hour so is perfect for trenches, drains and rain barrels as well as various other applications. It is submersible up to 850mm (the length of the aluminium tube) and has a ¾” BSP thread outlet for your hose connection


3. Milwaukee M12 FTB-0 M12 Tyre Buffer

Milwaukee M12 Tyre Buffer

Over the last few years, Milwaukee have put a lot of focus into the transportation trade and the M12 Tyre Buffer eliminates the need for air hoses in the workshop.  It has been designed for tyre technicians and anyone within the automotive trade.

This low speed tyre buffer can be used in 2 ways for flat or patch tyre repairs while the motor has two dedicated speed modes (one for each application). It has a quick change chuck meaning less time faffing about and will work up to tractor size tyres on the patching applications


4. Milwaukee M18 FPFT-0 Cable Puller Fish Tape

Milwaukee M18 Cable Puller Fish Tape

This is a must for anyone that works with cables and is the worlds first professional battery-powered cable pulling solution. The brushless motor gives you the availability to pull a maximum of 72m of cable.  It also features auto-run powered feeding and cable pulling is fast and efficient.

It has a variable speed trigger which gives you more control during feeding and pulling.

The drums are interchangeable giving you maximum application choices


5. Milwaukee M18 FDCPF8-0C Drain Cleaner

Milwaukee M18 Drain Cleaner

This is the worlds first hand held drain cleaner that uses an 18V battery with automatic feed & retract. It can be used in pipes from 32mm to 75mm up to 15m down the pipe.

The flat base lets you place the tool and guide the cable. This gives you full control whilst unclogging drains. The cable drive system automatically feeds the cable and has a locking capability when you’ve reach the clog so you can work it manually.

The fully enclosed drum eliminates free spinning parts which provides you with more protection whilst working and it offers better mess containment whilst unclogging yucky drain blockages.


6. Milwaukee M18 FMDP-502C Magnetic Drill Press

Milwaukee M18 Magnetic Drill Press

This magnetic drill press has a self powered permanent magnet with 8890N of holding force which prevents accidental magnet deactivation for added protection and easy alignment.

The press has a 2 speed gear box for optimised drilling speed with 400 and 690 rpm when using Rotabroach or twist drill bits.

It has an on-board magnet lubrication tank which fixes on the the machine in various locations. The handle is also detachable and can be used on either side of the drill making it super easy when working in tight spots


7. Milwaukee M18 F2LM53-122 36V Cordless Lawn Mower

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Lawn Mower (36V)

This has been built for the professional, with a 53cm steel deck it delivers best in class quality of cut. It has a 7 position, single point cutting height adjustment from 2.5-10cm to cover a range of grass types.

The mower runs on 2x 18V batteries and will cut up to 2000m2 on a single charge of two M18 HIGH OUTPUT 12.Ah battery packs but will work with all M18 batteries. The folding handle and upright storage make it easy to transport between jobs and it’s compact size (when folded) means it’s easy to store.


8. Milwaukee M12 FHS-0 Hatchet Pruning Saw

Milwaukee M12 Hatchet Pruning Saw

The M12 hatchet saw delivers outstanding control and access with the power to cut 75mm hardwood while it can deliver up to 120 cuts per charge on a 4.0Ah battery. It is lightweight, compact and offers great manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

It has been designed to meet the needs of landscape professionals thanks to its ergonomic design, performance and durability. The variable speed trigger gives you full control over the power range and it will work with all M12 batteries


9. Milwaukee M18 FBPV-0 FUEL Backpack Vacuum/Extractor

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Backpack Vacuum-Extractor

3x quieter than other vacuums, this is perfect for indoors as well as outdoors. The lightweight unit can be strapped to your back making it easier to cover large areas and because it’s cordless there are no annoying cables to trip over.

It has a built in hanging hook which means it can be used when working on ladders and scaffolding. The HEPA filter will collect 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns and it can be connected to a power tool to make it a dust extractor


10. Milwaukee M12 UHL-0 LED Underhood Light Area

Milwaukee M12 LED Underhood Area Light

This light delivers a consistent beam, optimised colour temp and gives you true representation of colour and detail. Made with an aircraft grade aluminium frame, it is also chemical resistant and withstands common automotive fluids.

It has 2 light settings with 1350 or 600 lumens to maximise run time and optimise lighting output.

The mounting hooks extend so is ideal for wide cars or trucks and it also has a stainless steel hook so the light bar can be hung on it own without the carrier


Hopefully coming to the UK soon…

Here are a few of our favourite things we’re hoping make it across from the USA soon and we are sure you will love them to!

The Milwaukee Air Tip Utility Nozzle

Keeping your site/client’s space clean is usually pretty important. It’s easy enough to stick on a dust extractor when you’ve made a mess on a hard floor such as wood and concrete, it’s usually enough to go over it with a dust extractor and bobs your uncle, job done.

Milwaukee Air Tip Utility Nozzle

But what if you needed to finish a carpet to an acceptable state? Sure you can grab the extractor and try to get the carpet clean but you’ll often time miss small debris that is caught within the fabric of a carpet.

This is where the M12 Air-Tip Utility Nozzle comes in, simply attach it to the end of your dust extractor (make sure you have a M12 battery equipped) and you have an easy-to-use efficient carpet extractor!

The Air-Tip utility nozzles disturb the carpet fibres allowing you to get into those hidden crevices and clean carpets more efficiently.

The Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 10T Knockout Tool 1/2

Milwaukee Knock Out Tool

Although a very niche tool, the 10T knockout tool from Milwaukee is incredibly handy and well made. It cuts through holes with ease eliminating the need for a hole saw and due to the nature of the tool it makes hardly any mess saving you time from cleaning etc.

Here’s a video of it in use.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Hopefully we get it in the UK at some point.

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