Don’t be green with envy. Try the Leica Lino L2G+ Green Laser Level!

Leica have released their first green laser level – the Lino L2G+… Are you green with envy?

Green has many connotations. Money, envy, the environment… but what about light? Yes yes yes, there’s green in that spectrum somewhere, flitting about between the yellow and blue but did you know that green is the most visible laser light colour that can be seen by the human eye? Ahhh – in your FACE QI. Consequently, it’s no surprise that green lasers have been making their way into the world of intelligent measuring and now, Leica have joined the green laser party with the Lino L2G+!

“Why is the Lino L2G+ so good? I’m rather fond of red lasers…”

Leica are a company with an impeccable reputation in the world of intelligent measuring for the construction world. ITS  currently stock the sister version of this laser, the Lino L2+, which is one of our most popular laser levels and it’s great to see that Leica have modified this great product to now hold a green laser instead of the red. But why is the green better than the red?

Although the reason may seem, well, a bit “sciency” – it’s really rather simple. Green light is up to 400% brighter and more vibrant to the human eye than red light. The reason for this is the frequencies at which red and green light lay – red is at a lower frequency (in the direction of infra-red, which is invisible) and green is at a higher frequency (in the direction of yellow).  Using this information and developments in their battery management software inside the laser itself, Leica have created their brightest cross line laser to date…

“But I’m no Professor Brian Cox, what does green offer to tradesmen like me?”

The Lino L2G+ has a brand new green diode which produces clean and crisp lines that are visible up to 30m away, that’s DOUBLE what you’d get with the red laser equivalent. When you’re working in bright conditions, there’s no need to reach for a detector because you’ll still be able to see the line, right where you want it.  There’s 180° horizontal and vertical lines that reach back over the unit on offer, so it gives you the flexibility you need and want when levelling in varying situations.

As you’d expect, this laser is self-levelling with a range of 4° ± 0.5° and accuracy-wise this little bundle of awesomeness has it in the bag; horizontal line accuracy of ± 1.5 mm at 5m and vertical accuracy of ± 1.5mm at 3m line length. The self-levelling functionality gives you accurate lines to work from, helping reducing errors and therefore quickening the pace of work. But in a situation where you don’t want the L2G+ to automatically self-level, you can use the lock function to project the laser line at any angle. Plus, as an added bonus, the lock function is great for protecting the nuts and bolts on the side when on the move.

The battery technology is just as impressive. Red lasers use less power than green so you’d think that it wouldn’t retain its energy for enough time to try and blind your mates on site for a laugh but alas, the Lino L2G+ gets 7 hours full power use from just 4 x AA batteries. Powerful stuff I’m sure you’d agree.

“So what trades is the Lino L2G+ going to benefit the most?”

Levels are a standard on-site tool for a whole host of different tradesmen and as such, this laser should be a very tempting buy for a large portion of you. For all you electricians, kitchen fitters and plumbers who find it a chore using a red laser over long distances and constantly having to use a detector to get the job done, the Leica Lino L2G+ could be the answer to your prayers.

“Why should I see the light and get the Leica Lino L2G+?”

  • Best possible laser line visibility
  • Clear, crisp lines travel up to 30m
  • Perfect for working in bright conditions
  • Horizontal, vertical and cross lines
  • Accuracy of ± 1.5 mm at 5m
  • Lock function
  • 7 hours runtime with 4 x AA batteries

So yes, you should be green with envy of anyone who’s going the extra mile (or 15 metres) with the Leica Lino L2G+! It’s an excellent laser line from a quality company that is perfect for working in bright conditions and over large distances. But what do you think? Any questions, queries or complements are always welcome (especially the complements) – just leave them in the comment box below or hit us up on FacebookTwitter or Google+

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