Mirka Orbital Sander – An expert review

Mirka Orbital Sander

I first tested the Mirka Orbital Sander a few years ago and there have been some improvements to it since then so here’s my up to date review for 2013. I find you can use the Ceros for a multitude of sanding jobs and it really does make them so much easier, saving time and so has earned back my investment many times over. With the signature colours of Mirka, this is one of the coolest looking orbital sanders on the market. The machine is very lightweight and is built with a one handed soft grip giving good manoeuvrability and greater control over the end finish.

The sealed brushless motor is really quiet when you’re using it and it gets the thumbs up being very cheap to run and maintain. A simple press on +/- buttons will increase / decrease the speed by 1000 rpm and the machine keeps a constant speed under load. A really cool option is to hold both the + & – down at the same time for few seconds; with this setting the more you press down on the palm lever the speed increases and the less you press it will decrease, this is particularly good if you need to use many different speeds on the surface being sanded.

The surface of ABRANET has an abrasive coating and works like a cheese grater enabling the dust to be sucked away from the surface leaving it clean of debris. For the stubborn hard to sand jobs I recommend Mirka HD sanding disks, these have 15 extraction holes for the larger debris to be sucked into the Mirka extraction unit. I also sometimes use an interface pad which is like a foam pad allowing me to sand uneven surfaces easier.

Mirka Orbital Sanding Disc

The CEROS has so many qualities! mine mostly for ceilings and walls and large flat areas, flush doors and skirting, it copes very easily with two pack filler, Toupret powder filler and much more. Recently I machine sanded with the CEROS a really heavy orange peel painted ceiling and the results were amazing. The CEROS has so many qualities!


  • Auto start when used with the Mirka
  • Extraction unit
  • Soft grip handle
  • Palm lever control
  • Speed controls with two options
  • Storage solution available
  • Low voltage transformer
  • Sealed brushless motor


  • Lightweight, compact, comfortable and quiet
  • Virtually dust free sanding
  • Fast hook & loop abrasives give very fast change over
  • Multiple interface pads has 67 extraction holes

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