New Makita Tools Coming Soon – Updated for 2023

Makita are known as a titan in the industry, it’s always exciting when they announce new Makita tools coming soon! Like in my previous articles, (such as Dewalt tools coming soon) it’s worth mentioning that not everything we talk about here will be released in the UK.

Makita tends to plays it’s cards close to its chest, getting info from them is always a struggle however in this article I’ll be going over the info we have managed to squeeze out of them.

40V Makita tools coming soon

Makita are heavily investing into their 40X Max XGT range and for good reason, the battery life and tool performance are leagues ahead of 18v. The issue is, most people that use Makita have hundreds if not thousands of pounds worth of 18V tools.

The only way Makita is going to have a chance to get an 18v user to move over to 40v is to create amazing tools that out perform their 18v counterpart by far. This is Makita’s goal and I believe they are moving in the right direction by releasing new Makita 40V tools in-masse, here are some of the new 40v Makita tools that are coming soon.

1. Makita Brushless Impact Driver – TD003G 40V XGT

image 1

Makita’s TD100G has been Makita’s only 40v impact driver for a couple of years now. Makita’s new impact is coming soon and on paper the stats are amazing.

With 0-4100 Impacts per minute, 210Nm Max Torque and a 3700rpm no load speed it’s Makita’s strongest impact yet.

It has 4 Modes, Max, Hard, Med and soft for bolts. T-mode for thin metal, a trigger lock function and many more features.

One thing that stands out is the safety features packed into this impact, Constant speed control for a consistent smooth operation.

Electric brakes that kick in faster, an Anti-restart function which minimises start up shock and makes the tool start smoothly, Overload protection and even Anti-bit wobbling structures for even more stability when using the tool.

2. Makita VC008 40V XGT Backpack Vacuum

This great-looking vacuum has 4 power modes so is ideal for most environments.

It has increased suction power but only emits a low-level of noise. The harness design makes it comfortable to wear for long periods.

The HEPA filter helps to clear all dangerous particles from the air.
It comes with a T-nozzle which is switchable between hard floor and carpet and delivers up to 195 watts of suction power.

The vacuum has a two-litre dust collection capacity and also features a mechanism to prevent the dust bag compartment from closing when the bag is not installed properly.

Makita VC008 40V XGT Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

3. Makita 50L Cooler and Warmer Box – 40V max XGT

A Makita Cooler box with 50l capacity, this is a makita tool coming soon

Move over small cooler boxes – the king is here. This cooler box is massive, in fact it can carry 2.5x more than its predecessor the CW001. That’s double the red bulls, or beers. I can imagine this would be amazing for camping!

Due to its sheer size, it comes equipped with a carry handle on both sides, but for most cases the wheels and trolley function will have you sorted. It also comes with a bottle opener built in and cup holders.

The fully digital display helps you stay in control of whatever you have inside and can store over 24 330ml cans.

It has seven cooling, heating and freezing settings. This means you’re in control of the temperature;

Cooling from -18°C- 10° and Heating from 30°C – 60°C.

4. Makita VR003G 40V MAX 32mm Concrete VibratING POKER

A brand new version of the ever-popular 25mm version, the VR003G has a 32mm girth and comes with either a 1.2m or 2.4m shaft.

The high-power brushless motor allows for stable compaction work and with 15,500 vibrations per minute air bubbles don’t stand a chance.

The shaft is flexible which means it’s easy to move and operate. The handy lock-on switch makes it easier to use for long periods and thanks to the compact, lightweight design you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one of these.

Makita VR003G 40V MAX 32mm Concrete Vibrator

5. Makita HR008G 40V MAX Combi HAMMER

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This is the latest 40V offering and certainly the most hardcore I’ve seen in a while. Of course, it has a fully brushless motor which is pretty standard these days. It also gives you constant speed control making it smooth to operate.

It produces 3.9J of impact energy and has low vibration of 9.1 m/s2 (drilling into concrete). The low vibration is thanks to the counterweights within the motor.

This feature cancels the vibration caused by hammering and any imbalance rotation of the crankshaft.

What I love about this is the optional dust extraction system that can be purchased alongside the unit. I hate a mess so I couldn’t live without it.

It has a HEPA filter and is easy to empty and keep clean. The extractor is compatible with bits up to 265mm and has a depth gauge for increased drilling consistency.

18v Makita Tools Coming Soon

1. Makita DJS800 18V Cement Shears

This is a must for anyone in the construction industry. of all the Makita tools coming soon this is one I can see getting a lot of use in home improvement etc

It can cut up to 13mm (½”) cement board and with its 360° swivel head you will always find a position that suits your environment.

It has a Makita-built brushless motor which delivers 3,000 strokes per minute for faster cutting

Makita DJS800 18V Cement Shears

2. Makita 18V DUS158 Garden Sprayer

Makita 18V DUS158 Garden Sprayer

The Makita DUS158 is the replacement model for the DVF154.

It has a comfortable shoulder harness with a padded shoulder strap and because of the compact and lightweight design, the sprayer provides easy handling and high manoeuvrability.

The battery is easy to install and the on/off switch is located under the grip of the wand so is easy to control.

The backpack has XPT (eXtreme Protection Technology) which means it’s perfect for use in outdoor applications or harsh environments and will protect from dust and dripping water.

36V Makita tools coming soon

1. Makita DRC300 36V (Twin 18V) Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Now, this is more of a fun one but still an amazing bit of kit.

This vacuum runs on two 18V batteries and will clean up to 600m2 on a single charge (6.0Ah batteries) It is connectable to your smartphone via a dedicated app and has camera sensors for efficient cleaning.

It maps out your area and remembers where things are positioned so will never bump into your furniture.

It has a 3L collection capacity and comes complete with a HEPA filter to keep your environment clean. There is a whole host of extras that can be purchased to compliment this machine, especially if used in a workplace.

Makita DRC300 36V (Twin 18V) Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

2. Makita UB002C 36V Backpack Blower

Makita UB002C 36V (Twin 18V) Backpack Blower

If you’re a landscaper, gardener, or have a large garden this blower will become your new best friend.

Because you wear this on your back it distributes the weight evenly making it comfortable to wear.

It has a variable speed with a cruise control function and comes with two nozzles as standard.

It’s powered by the portable backpack battery which has a 4-LED fuel gauge so you always know your battery status.

3. Makita DCU603/604/605 36v Battery Powered Wheelbarrows

Move aside manual labour! The future is here. If you’ve read my colleagues wheelbarrow article here you may already know about these bad boys but if not I’ll give you a quick overview.

Coming with 3 different loading platforms the Makita battery powered wheelbarrows are game changers.

The handles are adjustable catering to many heights. They have a 300kg Max load, run on 2x 18v LXT batteries and help ease the load of carrying debris, mulch and much more. The back wheels also have built in suspension allowing them to move along tough terrain with relative ease.

you can expect the wheelbarrow to travel around 7.2km on a full charge of 5ah batteries, which is a decent distance.

If you’re looking to get ready for the spring season this article has you covered with Makita’s garden range.

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mAKITA Accessories Coming Soon

1. Makpac Adaptor Set

The Makpac adaptor set, allows you to stack your Makpac cases on top of your dust extractor.

This is something that Dewalt and Milwaukee users have had access to with their “built in” case vacuums. I believe a great step towards the right direction for Makita

It comes with a pull handle making it easier to walk around with your dust extractors added height.

This will work with dust extractors VC3211,
VC1310, VC2211, VC001G, VC002G,
VC003G, VC004G & VC005G

image 2 1

2. Angle Plate & File Bits

image 2

This handy bit of kit will allow you to sharpen your chainsaw chains using an impact driver or drill driver,

The angle plate gives you the perfect angle to sharpen saws and chain saws.

They’ll be released along side diamond file bits which are more efficient at sharpening than manually filing.

So, that’s all from me for now, what do you think of this list of Makita tools coming soon?

Worth mentioning again that all of these are available in other countries already so we have everything crossed they make their way over here soon so you can stock up on your favourite items.

If you’re interested in tool news like this we have plenty of articles to keep you up to date here.

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