The New ITS Custom Kit Builder

The New ITS Kit Builder

If you’re just starting out in your trade, upgrading your kit, expanding your range, or perhaps you’ve had a bit of bad luck and have to replace your tools, it can be a proper pain to shop around and get the perfect kit that suits your needs. Here at ITS we’ve created the perfect solution to all of these needs!

What is it?

Our new Kit Builder is a game changing way to shop for all the cordless tools you want instead of paying for tools that will just gather dust.

You can build your very own cordless kit exactly how you like it! Add anything from drills to coffee machines (Makita only) to make sure you’re perfectly equipped for any job. You also have the option of adding cases to your kit so all your nice new tools will stay nice for as long as possible!

Right now, we have Makita, DeWALT, Milwaukee, HiKOKI, and Bosch custom kits available so you have a huge range of tools to choose from and the possible kit configurations are only limited by your imagination. We stock a huge range of bodies from all these suppliers so you can always find exactly what you need. We don’t want your kit configuration to be limited by your wallet either so, when building you kit, you can watch the savings go up and up! The more tools you add, the more money you save.

Why would I use it?

  • Its quick and easy
  • You can discover and add tools you never even knew existed!
  • You will only be paying for what you want so you’ll also save money
  • The perfect way to expand, upgrade, or replace

How much control do I have?

The whole idea of Kit Builder is to put control back in your hands and give you the freedom to get All the Tools You Need without any extra messing about so you’re completely free to go wild. Want a kit with 500 Coffee Machines and 500 Vibrating Pokers? It might take us some time to get the stock in, but we can do it! Likewise, if you need a simpler kit, we’ll have it boxed up and delivered to your door the very next day!

Why have you only just come out with this?

Well, the idea of picking out your own custom cordless kit is hardly a new one and its something that we’ve always been able to do for our customers but only in store and over the phone. It created a bit of a headache for us and for you, so we decided that it was time to sort something out properly.

It would have been easy to cobble together some text-based effort that only works on desktop, but we wanted to come out with something that looks and feels solid, something deserving of the ITS brand name. Our Kit Builder is faster, simpler, and easier to use than any other. We also have to the ability to pre-order items as part of a kit and offer you one of the most comprehensive ranges of tool bodies currently available.

In Summary

Our Kit Builder is designed to give you full control over what does and what doesn’t go in your kit to make sure you’re only paying for the tools you want.

As of right now we are offering Makita, DeWALT, and Milwaukee as options but we are working to get other suppliers on board so keep your eyes on the site if you don’t see your favourite brand right now.

We hope you find Kit Builder as useful and as easy to use as possible but if you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to send it to [email protected] or just leave a comment below.

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