The Best DeWalt Laser Level For You – Buying Guide

With so many lasers in its arsenal, it can be hard to navigate Dewalt’s laser-level range. In this article, I hope to help you make an informed decision when it comes to buying the best Dewalt laser level for you.

Most of these lasers will have red or green options which I’ll go into later but for now, green light is easier to see in daylight conditions by the naked eye.

Laser levels are split into many different types. Dewalt produces the following:

Dewalt Rotary laser on the floor 1

Self-Levelling Crossline Lasers (Red/Green)

A self-leveling crossline laser is one of the most efficient lasers on the market. Used for ensuring a “level” finish, self-leveling crossline levels create a reference point/line to help keep your work area symmetrical. You can magnetically snap these onto pretty much any metal wall or fixing making them extremely useful to use on the fly.

Rotary Laser Levels

– A rotary laser is an important bit of kit that is essential in ensuring that a room is built to the right height. Whether you’re building up or digging down, a rotary laser will create a horizontal straight line that you can use in conjunction with a grade rod or laser detector to ensure you don’t go over or under your desired height.

360° Cross-line Lasers

These lasers are relatively new but already taking the industry by storm. A 360° laser lets you efficiently create reference points and plan out room builds. 360° lasers offer many ways to level out your builds – they can work as a rotary laser to some extent and also a crossline level, but are priced lower than a rotary laser so are quite popular with builders that don’t “need” a rotary laser but need the functionality.

What’s Better? Green lasers vs. red lasers

When looking for a suitable laser, you’ll need to know what colour will best suit your needs.

Green Laser levels are up to 50x brighter than their red counterparts. This is because we are much more sensitive to the colour green than red. If you have 2 identically powered lasers one red and one green, the green laser will be around 4x more visible.

Red laser levels are generally cheaper to produce so you’ll save money buying a red laser. The diodes used to make green light lasers are more expensive thus the higher price point. If you know that you’ll be working with smaller rooms you might want to save the money as the red laser will probably get the job done.

Talking about visibility – laser detectors allow you to pinpoint the light from your laser when you can’t see it with the naked eye. This can be one way to bridge the gap between red and green lasers in brighter situations.

For example, If we were to compare the Dewalt DW088CG-XJ and the DW088K.

Red Laser Levels

DW088K Red Dewalt Laser Level the laser is emitting a red cross shaped light
  • Indoor visibility ranges up to 0-10m
  • Up to 40hrs battery life
  • Less visible
  • Relatively cheap

Green Laser Levels

DW088CG-XJ Green Dewalt Laser Level the laser is emitting a green cross shaped light
  • Indoor visibility ranges up to 0-20m
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Up to 50x more visible
  • The more expensive option

So What are Your options?

For the rest of the article, I will be highlighting Dewalt’s most recent lasers to give you an idea of the different types of lasers and what you can expect when looking for the best Dewalt laser.

Dewalt cross-line lasers

Dewalt’s DW088K Red Laser Level

The Dewalt DW088K is a red light cross-line laser. The best entry into the world of Dewalt’s most popular laser levels, this bit of kit is still without a doubt a great tool. When working indoors, especially in lower light, this laser performs like a treat.

With up to a 15m range and sporting all of the features of the DW088CG-XJ the red version of the laser is a great choice when considering budget.

Although not visible the laser will still work at longer distances with a laser detector meaning that you can still get the job done in any situation.

Carpenter using a dewalt dw088k red cross line laser to allign wall sockets

Dewalt’s DW088CG-XJ Green Laser Level

Green dewalt crossline laser on the floor illuminated

The Dewalt DW088CG self levelling cross line laser is an multi function laser that projects lines for vertical and horizontal levelling.

This laser is great for short to mid range levelling. It’s green laser is more visible than the DW088K making it a direct upgrade to it’s red line counterpart.

The magnetic bracket is an ingenious addition allowing you to attach the laser to any metal wall, fixing or even a metal support.

As Dewalt’s most popular green laser level, this product is a must have bit of kit. If you work in construction, you’ve probably got a mate or a mate of a mate who has one of these. And if you don’t chances are you’re the one with the laser!

Dewalt’s DCE088D1G18 18v Green Laser Level

This is a relatively new addition to DeWalt’s Laser line range, previously if you wanted a laser level you’d have to go with a unit that used AA or AAA batteries.

But what about the Dewalt customers with batteries already? Surely they should be able to use their pre-existing batteries to power their Dewalt laser.

Dewalt agreed and created the DCE088D1G18, which performs the same as the ever-popular DW088CG-XJ. The difference is, this laser can use 18V and 12V batteries. This means if you’re already knee-deep in batteries from your other tool investments, you’re already good to go.

So the question with this laser is one of the batteries, would you rather have the flexibility of being able to use your 18V batteries alongside your 12V, or would you rather have a model that can swap batteries on the fly without a branded battery.

Construction worker using a dewalt green DCE088D1G18 cross line laser to install a cabinet

Dewalt Rotary Lasers

Dewalt’s DCE074D1R Rotary Laser

Image of a construction worker looking at a laser distance measurer, The laser being used is a DCE074D1R Dewalt rotary laser

Dewalt’s red rotary laser has a visibility range of 45m and is detectable using a laser detector up to 450m. This makes it perfect for small sites and workable for larger sites.

Its 360° Laser is self-leveling either horizontally or vertically and the remote control panel works a charm meaning the set up is pretty much press, play, and go.

This laser is built to last, not only is it IP67 rated (for maximum protection against water and dust) it also features a cage-like body structure meaning any drops are absorbed by the cage rather than the laser itself.

Dewalt’s DCE079D1G Rotary Laser

This laser is a direct upgrade from the DCE074D1R. This rotary laser has a 76m range to the naked eye, an almost 90% increase to the DCE074D1R.

With a detector, you can expect to detect this laser around 600m away. With fully automatic horizontal & vertical self-levelling & plumb up with +/-1.5m @30m mm/m leveling accuracy.

construction worker using a Dewalt Green Rotary Laser Levels to nail holes into a beam

Dewalt 360° Green Lasers

As I said earlier 360° Lasers are a recent addition. However the DCE089 Series has already cemented itself as a trade favourite.

This laser was so good they made 3 versions: the first iteration used a 12v battery and would be a massive improvement from a 2 line laser for more technical work.

The laser can be seen easily and gives you 360° coverage around a room which saves adjustment time. It also has an accuracy of +3mm at 10 metres and can compensate for angles up to +4 degrees.

After a while Dewalt, decided to break into their 18V market by creating the DCLE34031D1 and DCE089D1G18 the latter using both 12v/18v batteries. These lasers all do the same job – give you the option of using 18v batteries if you so please.

As featured in our 10 Dewalt tools you didn’t know existed article, The DCLE34031D1 green laser is a reltively new compact laser. Dewalt have moved the battery to the underneath or the unit for better 360 degree operation. Because of this the unit is extra compact and much easier to handle and transport around.

Dewalt’s DCE089D1G 360 Laser Level

Dewalt 360 Green laser level being used by a construction worker making a pencil mark on a wall arguably the best dewalt laser on the market

Dewalt’s DCLE34031D1 18v Compact 360 Laser Level

A compact 360 Dewalt DCLE34031D1 laser level atop of a mount

Dewalt’s DCE089D1G18 18v 360 Laser

A 360 Green laser level that can use 18v and 12v batteries from dewalt. The - dce089d1g18

DeWalt Distance Measurers

Digital distance measurer by Dewalt - DW099S

Digital Distance measurements are pretty self-explanatory; they measure distance…digitally. But if you thought that’s all they did you’d be off the mark slightly, thanks to Bluetooth technology the distance measurer can take it a step further.

By connecting to Dewalt’s measure app on your smartphone, you can easily store and track data. This makes measuring much more efficient and removes the need for pen and paper on the site.

The distance measurers are small, lightweight, and an invaluable asset to the trades where accurate measurement is a must.

Dewalt Laser Accessories

Sometimes you can’t see a laser with the naked eye. Sometimes you need to mount your laser a bit higher. With the amount of jobs that you can do with a laser Level, it’s no wonder why Dewalt’s laser range includes so many accessories.

Below i’ll be going through them and explaining whilst they are important considerations when buying a laser.

Dewalt Laser Detectors

The DE0892 and DE0892G are Dewalt’s laser detectors the “G” in DE0892G is designed to detect green lasers.

On occasions or locations when laser levels are harder to see, the DE0892 laser detectors allow the user to see a projected laser line from either of the above laser levels. This ensures a faster and more accurate reading.

The DE0892 has a working range of 50m and can be used in hand as well as remotely when using a tripod, or attached to a solid surface or rail.

Image of a DeWalt Laser level detector namely the DE0892G

Dewalt Laser Tripods

Dewalt’s Extendable Laser Tripod

An extendable laser tripod made by dewalt

The practical extendable tripod has been designed for use with Dewalt line and spot lasers, plus any laser or camera with a 1/4″ tripod thread.

This tripod can be extended from 0.75m to 1.84m with a tilting, adjustable head for quick, easy movement and an integrated vial in the head for easy leveling.

Lightweight, portable aluminum construction with rubber feet for extra grip for stability on rough terrain or uneven ground.

Dewalt’s Elevated Laser Tripod

The Dewalt DE0735-XJ is an elevated tripod featuring quick-release legs for fast and easy setup.

This Aluminium alloy tripod is lightweight and durable making it easy to transport on and off of the site.

It has a telescopic head for up to 3m reach which allows you to get your laser to those hard-to-reach areas.

The tripod is more than sturdy enough to trust whilst using an expensive laser.

And elevated Laser tripod made ny dewalt

Dewalt’s Construction Tripod

A construction tripod used primarily for laser levels - its thick and sturdy and looks like it wont fall over. Made by Dewalt

If you are, however, worried about your laser being knocked and damaged on site, this next laser tripod has got you covered.

This aluminium tripod has spiked feet allowing the tripod to be secured in place either in dirt, mud, gravel, etc. This makes it incredibly secure, especially on site where accidents are prone to happen.

The tripod also features the same quick-release system as the previous tripod.

Dewalt Laser Target Cards

Laser target cards help you track and locate your laser by enhancing the visibility of the beam.

There is a reflective film behind the crosshair which reflects the light cast by the laser. This amplifies the light making it much more visible to the naked eye (similar to how a Hi-Vis jacket works).

The good thing about laser target cards is that they hardly protrude and because of this they don’t get in the way of the laser, causing miss alignment.

The targets are magnetic meaning you can attach them to a metal surface or stud creating a stable easy-to-use target.

Stay Safe Using Your Laser With Safety Glasses

Dewalt Safety laser glasses

Finally, once you’ve decided on a laser, you’ll want to keep your eyes protected.

Looking into a laser can cause serious permanent harm to your eyes. Laser irradiation of the eye can cause danger to either the lens, cornea, or retina depending on exposure, wavelength, and varying from person to person.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, Dewalt has released several laser-refracting glasses that protect the eye from the accidental damage that laser can do to the eye.

Laser levels are complicated, but hopefully this article has helped arm you with the knowledge necessary to navigate Dewalt’s laser level range and help you along your journey in finding the best Dewalt laser. Any questions ask below!

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