One man and his unusually long van

We, along with our social media followers, were taken aback when we spotted what looked like 2 vans welded together to create a Frankenstein’s monster of a sprinter. So naturally we had to get in touch with the creator to find out more about this crazy long van!

This bit of handiwork is produced by Robert Deacon and we had a few questions answered to help explain why this beast was created.

Long Van - Robert Deacon

1. What made you build this unusualLY Long van, What is it’s purpose?

‘I suppose you could say I like to be a little different’ Robert explained. ‘Originally I bought an XLWB sprinter and started turning it into a camper but got held up…. I used to repair a lot of salvage vehicles so have an extensive knowledge how vehicles are built and what is required to make them safe to use when repaired’ and so ‘I bought a damaged double cab sprinter chassis cab and had the idea to build something a little different’

2. How did you make it?

‘It’s taken a while to build but first set about cutting out the stuff I didn’t need, then had chassis rail inserts made to sleeve the chassis at the point where they joined. I then set about filling in all the bits that needed doing. I had already removed the side loading door and bought the panels from Mercedes to replace where the door once was. I cut the front section of roof from a damaged high roof long van, trimmed it, and welded it on top of the double cab taking it into the rear of the XLWB rear end. I added strengthening inside and above the chassis rails to satisfy myself I wasn’t going to lose the rear end!’

Long Van image 2

‘It’s no different in essence as a stretched limo.’

4. What were the most important tools you used during this project?

‘My main tools were all Makita battery kit, grinder, drill, impact driver and then I bought a new welder that was up to the job. I also used a Makita jigsaw, circular saw and reciprocating saw where they were needed.’

Long Van image 3

5. What was the hardest part of this project?

‘I didn’t find any of it tough really, my experience and practical knowledge meant it was just getting on with each step. Didn’t faze me in the slightest.’

6. Where do you keep it now?

‘A friend of mine had stored it in her yard for me, the most recent task was making the seating area which also doubles up as a bed, 6′ 8″ long by 5′ 10″ wide. Will soon be buying and fitting appliances required’

Long Van image 4

7. What project are you planning next?!

‘Once I get it on the road, I’m finishing off another project I started a while ago. It’s a hydraulic tilt bed recovery truck, also a sprinter I bought as salvage with 50k miles on it’

Well there you have it! I hope this goes some way to explaining this monster of a build. We certainly will be keeping an eye on what Robert builds next!

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