The Best Makita Impact Drivers – Range Review: 2023

When it comes to Impact Drivers, Makita are world renown. Makita produce hundreds of power tools from their lightweight 12v CXT tools to their powerhouse 40v XGT range.

With all this choice it can be hard to really drill down what the best tools are.

In this article we look to dispel the mystery and give you a clear cut tier list of the best Makita Impact Drivers.

As experts in the trades and having served the industry for over 40 years you can trust to give you the best advice!

So lets get into it!

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How To Rate The Best Makita Impact Drivers

The important metrics when it comes to ranking an impact driver are:

Max Torque (Nm): Torque is the force that causes an object to rotate. In the case of impact drivers, the higher it is, the more powerful, and therefore the tougher material and larger screws you can fasten.

RPM/Load Speed: As you add a “load” (screw etc), you will start to see your RPM (Revolutions per minute / speed) lower. No Load speed measures the absolute maximum speed of the tool.

Brushless Motor: Is the impact brushed or brushless? Brushless motored tools are more efficient and have fewer moving parts.

Impact Rate: This determines the number of times the hammer action strikes the bit in a minute. The higher the impact rate, the faster you’ll be able to drive screws.

Machine Screw Size: This will determine what size of Machine screws you can use with the impact driver.

Bolt Size: Bolts vary from M1.4 to as high as M36. The range of bolt size will determine what impact driver you need depending on your usage. The higher the range, the greater flexibility.

Product Weight: How heavy is the tool? Holding a tool all day can cause muscle strain so the lower the better.

Makita’s Best impact drivers

Makita DTD172Z 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver

Makita DTD172Z 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver

The Lightweight Powerhouse

  • Max Torque – 180 Nm
  • No Load Speed (RPM) – 3700
  • Brushless Motor – Yes
  • Impact Rate (IPM) – 0-3800
  • Machine Screw – M4 – M8
  • Bolt Size – M5 – M16
  • Product Weight – 1.1kg

ITS Expert Notes

Coming in at first the Makita DTD172 18V is my top 18v pick. Replacing the DTD171 Not only does it have 4-stage impact power selection, but It’s also the lightest of all the 18v impacts.

It has a compact design making it perfect for hard-to-reach jobs and it doesn’t let up on power.

Makita DTD154Z 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver

Makita DTD154 SQ

Powerful and Sturdy Brushless Impact

  • Max Torque – 175Nm
  • No Load Speed (RPM) – 3600
  • Brushless Motor – Yes
  • Impact Rate (IPM) – 0-3800
  • Machine Screw – M4 – M8
  • Bolt Size – M5 – M16
  • Product Weight – 1.5kg

ITS Expert Notes

Coming in 2nd place the DTD154 is a powerhouse. If you like the DTD153 This is the next step up. You get a little more power and some great power settings

The DTD154 Comes with a 3-stage impact power selection. If you do the same task over and over again this is a game changer.

The LED on this Impact is a bit better than its predecessors too which is a bonus!

Makita DTD157 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver

Makita DTD157 SQ

The Most Efficient Impact Driver

  • Max Torque – 140Nm
  • No Load Speed (RPM) – 3000
  • Brushless Motor – Yes
  • Impact Rate (IPM) – 0-4000
  • Machine Screw – M4 – M8
  • Bolt Size – M5 – M14
  • Product Weight – 1.4kg

ITS Expert Notes

This is the jack of all trades when it comes to Makita impact drills. It sits in the middle of everything. Sure its not the fastest impact clocking in at 140Nm.

But does it have speed settings? Yes it does

Is it Brushless? Yes it is

This is the perfect Impact for those who want to buy a solid tool that’ll last years.

Or those who don’t need the MOST powerful Impact on the job but still need to use it quite a bit. In terms of features the DTD157 is a more attractive choice than the DTD153 albeit less powerful.

Makita DTD153Z 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver

Makita DTD153 SQ

The Iconic Brushless Impact Driver

  • Max Torque – 170Nm
  • No Load Speed (RPM) – 3400
  • Brushless Motor – Yes
  • Impact Rate (IPM) – 0-3600
  • Machine Screw – M4 – M8
  • Bolt Size – M5 – M16
  • Product Weight – 1.5kg

ITS Expert Notes

The DTD153 is a direct upgrade to the DTD152. This impact driver will handle any job you throw at it, it’s no wonder so many tradesmen swear by it, it will reliably do everything you need it to.

Being brushless gives this Impact Driver a great advantage over the DTD152. The brushless motor is more efficient and means less moving parts in the motor, You will notice longer run times on your batteries and the tool should hold up for years to come.

Makita DTD152Z 18V LXT Impact Driver

Makita DTD152 SQ

Budget Friendly Impact Driver That Gets The Job Done

  • Max Torque – 165Nm
  • No Load Speed (RPM) – 2900
  • Brushless Motor – No
  • Impact Rate (IPM) – 0-3500
  • Machine Screw – M4 – M8
  • Bolt Size – M5 – M16
  • Product Weight – 1.6kg

ITS Expert Notes

One of out top-selling Impacts, This is a great value for money impact that’ll get any job done.

A perfect all-rounder, great performance, very reliable and incredible value. It’s no wonder that it’s the most popular impact out there.

“When using a brushed Impact driver – watch where you place your hand when you use it. If you cut off circulation to the airflow your brushes will burn out.”

Performance Comparison

ModelTorqueLoad SpeedBrushless?Impact RateMachine ScrewBolt SizeWeightSpeed Setting
DTD152165Nm2900No0-3500M4 – M8M5 – M161.6kgNo
DTD153170Nm3400Yes0-3600M4 – M8M5 – M161.5KgNo
DTD154175Nm3600Yes0-3800M4 – M8M5 – M161.5Kg3 speed
DTD157140Nm3000Yes0 – 4000M4 – M8M5 – M161.4Kg2 Speed
DTD172180Nm3700Yes0-3800M4 – M8M5 – M161.1Kg4 Speed

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What do the model numbers mean in MAKITA IMPACT DRIVERS

It can be confusing when first looking at the name of a Makita’s (or any brand’s) model number, especially when starting out. Here’s a quick guide on how to identify the model you’re looking at and what it all means.

Identifying Makita Impact Drivers

This is the Makita DTD152 (or DTD152Z if we remove the battery). We can split the code into 3 parts

DTD, 152 and Z

DTD – This is the type of tool, in this example, DTD signifies – 18v Impact Driver

152 – This is the body type, the “152 Version”

– This is how the tool comes, Z means body only

So all together we get an 18v Impact driver 152 body only

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