What are the Best Makita MAKPAC Cases – 2024

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When you think of the best Makita MAKPAC Cases, it’s hard not to think of the standard square blue cases. These are great for storing your tools, but that’s kind of it. A lot of people jump to the assumption that this is all Makita MAKPAC has to offer.

Today we will explore the range and explain why the above sentiment is false. There is so much more to Makita MAKPAC than you may have originally thought.

Makita’s MAKPAC range includes organisers, drawered tool cases, cool boxes, open totes, and much more. Click on an icon below to find out more (or scroll to read the whole article).

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Makita MAKPAC Drawers

Starting with a very popular option, the Makita MAKPAC drawers. There are quite a few different options depending on what size of drawers you want and how many drawers you want in your MAKPAC case.

The Makita MAKPAC drawers stack nicely on top of your MAKPAC systems. The beauty of that is that you then have a bunch of different drawers with different sizes to keep your tools/accessories nice and organised.

Drawer Case ImageProduct TitleNumber of DrawersDimensions
MAKP84349_3__20782Makita MAKPAC P-84349 Case 5 Drawer
5 Drawer Case

• 3 Small trays
• 2 Large trays
Outer Dimensions
• 295 x 395 x 320mm

Inner Dimensions
• Medium drawer: 172 x 280 x 40mm
• Small drawers: 82 x 280 x 40mm
• Large drawers: 350 x 280 x 90mm
MAKP84311 2 43873.1680535752Makita MAKPAC P-84311 Case 4 Drawer
4 Drawers

• 3 Small trays
• 1 Large tray
Outer Dimensions
• 295 x 395 x 210mm

Inner Dimensions
• Medium drawer: 172 x 280 x 40mm
• Small drawers: 82 x 280 x 40mm
• Large drawers: 350 x 280 x 90mm
MAKP84333 2 80446.1680536447Makita MAKPAC P-84333 Case 6 Drawer6 Drawers

• 6 Medium trays
Outer Dimensions
• 295 x 395 x 210mm

Inner Dimensions
• Medium drawer: 172 x 280 x 40mm
MAKP84327 1 38624.1680589316Makita MAKPAC P-84327 Case 12 Drawer12 Drawers

• 12 Small trays
Outer Dimensions
• 295 x 395 x 210mm

Inner Dimensions
• Medium drawer: 172 x 280 x 40mm
• Small drawers: 82 x 280 x 40mm
• Large drawers: 350 x 280 x 90mm

These cases are great for storing smaller hand tools, your fixings, your screwdrivers, and drill bits. The different sizes of drawers are something that Makita has gotten right where other manufacturers are leaving much to be desired.

Makita MAKPAC Totes

If you’re looking for a top for your MAKPAC set, then the Makita MAKPAC totes are a perfect way to go about it. With both a “full-sized” and “half-size” Small and large tote, there is enough variety to fit almost any MAKPAC setup.

The perk of having something like this is that you can reach in and grab the tool you need at a moment’s notice.

Tote Case ImageProduct TitleDimensions
MAKP83836 1 11277.1680532961Makita MAKPAC P-83836 Small Stackable Tool Box
395 x 295 x 143mm
MAKP83842 39958.1657535809Makita MAKPAC P-83842 Large Stackable Tool Box
395 x 295 x 325mm

Makita MAKPAC Cantilever case

MAKP84137 02039

This is the Makita MAKPAC cantilever case. The beauty of this is when it’s not opened, it looks like a standard MAPKAC case. You can then open the plastic lids at the top for quick access to fixings, accessories, etc.

But then, as if by magic, you can lift open another compartment situated under the case. This gives you even more storage below.

If you’re looking for something to round out your MAKPAC kit, or you’re looking for extra ways to organise all the tools you need to get the job done, then the cantilever case is the way to go.

Makita Makpac Orgnainsers

Now, let’s say that you have a bunch of the standard MAKPAC cases. You could chuck your tools in and call it a day. However, Makita has thought about you savage unorganised tool chuckers and created organisers that fit into MAKPAC cases.

Similar to the drawers. If you’re looking to organise your smaller accessories, fixings, and things along those lines. Then there are plenty of different inlays and organisers for you to put inside your MAKPAC cases. For example, the inlays below are great to get started with.

Organiser ImageProduct TitleProduct Features
MAKP83652__88378Makita MAKPAC P-83652 Insert with 13 Coloured Compartments• Easily organise your accessories
• Fits MAKPAC Small Connector Case
• 13 coloured compartments
MAKP83680__19906Makita MAKPAC P-83680 Insert With 2 Compartments
• Insert for MAKPAC Small Connector Case
• Two Compartments and Six Dividers
• Organise your tools and accessories your way
MAK191X802__00605Makita MAKPAC 191X80-2 Organiser Case with Clear Lid13 customisable inserts varying in size

• 6x 50 x 50mm Compartments
• 3x 50 x 100mm Compartments
• 2x 100 x 100mm Compartments
• 1x 100 x 150mm Compartment
• 1x 150 x 150mm Compartment

Makita Makpac Cool Boxes

MAK1982534 17167

Now, if you’re anything like me, I want my tools to be nice and organised, but I also need a good place to store my lunch as well.

Makita has thought of that, which is why you can have a choice of Makita MAKPAC coolers that integrate within your tool case system.

Now, don’t worry about accidentally taking a bit out of your impact, you’ve got a giant sticker on the front that shows it’s a cooler, and this should save you from the extra dentist visit….unless they need to drill (see what I did there).

You’ve seen other brands may have their own versions of the cool boxes and Makita has their own battery-powered cooler/warmers. But the beauty of this is they fit in with the rest of your MAKPAC cases.

Makita Makpac Trolleys

Makita has a couple of trolleys for you to move your tools around. You’ve got the nice trolley set and you’ve also got a base with caster wheels, depending on your preference either is a great pick.

Makita MAKPAC TR0000001 Trolley

MAKTR0000001 59741

If you’re looking for something, to angle and then roll on and off the site with ease then the Makita MAKPAC TR0000001 Trolley is the perfect choice.

Key Features

  • Holds up to 120KG
  • Easy transport for multiple MAKPAC Case
  • Foldaway design for easy storage
  • Strong nylon tension strap

Makita MAKPAC P-83886 4-Wheeled Trolley Base

MAKP83886 34920 1 1

If you’re working in a workshop or somewhere that you need to keep your tools mobile Makita has a nice base that you can stack all of your cases on top of. This means they’re always ready for you to easily transport on and off the job site.

Key Features

  • Transport multiple MAKPAC Cases all at once
  • Move around the site with ease
  • Save time, effort, and problems
  • Two lockable wheels

As said at the start of the article Makita’s MAKPAC range is so much more than just a blue box. There are plenty of options to keep your tools organized and you can find them all in the Makita Superstore, your home of everything Makita.

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