Milwaukee’s PACKOUT Workshop Wall Mounted Range Keeps Getting Better

With Milwaukee expanding their range of wall mounted storage solutions once again, we at ITS thought what better time than now to expand upon our Milwaukee PACKOUT Article collection and run through the Milwaukee PACKOUT Workshop range.

Before we get into the article, here’s a video from Dan explaining the Milwaukee PACKOUT Range.

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What is Milwaukee PACKOUT Workshop?

Milwaukee packout workshop

Milwaukee PACKOUT workshop is Milwaukee’s wall mounted storage solution, a modular system built to help you organise your tools in the workshop, garage and even your van.

Milwaukee’s PACKOUT workshop is quickly becoming a fan favourite, with users realising how quick and easy it is to build a unique storage system tailored to their needs.

What’s Included in the Milwaukee PACKOUT workshop range?

The Milwaukee PACKOUT workshop range includes over 25 products, and is quickly expanding to include even more solutions.

The range can be split into 3 categories “Wall mounting racks”, “Wall mounted cases” and “Wall mounted tool/accessory holders”. Click below to see each category.

Packout workshop cases
Packout workshop holders
Packout workshop RACKS

What’s the best way to get started with Milwaukee PACKOUT Worksop?

Being modular makes Milwaukee PACKOUT workshop incredibly customisable, no two set ups will be the same, that being said as a storage solution there is a fundamental rule that users seem to gravitate towards – and that rule is. Once you’ve set up your Workshop. It is undisputable that you send a picture to at least 20 mates.

There are 2 choices when it comes to the actual mounting of your cases and tool / accessory holders.

A. Milwaukee Racking System

MIL4932478711 A 75480

(Two Milwaukee Racking Systems side by side sent to us by a customer)

A racking system kit will allow you to mount your PACKOUT cases off the floor, in a neat and organised array.

Plus if you’re using the racking in your van, mounting prevents your cases from rolling around in transit.

B. Milwaukee Mounting Plate System

4932471638 App 1

(Milwaukee PACKOUT mounting plate on concrete wall)

The mounting plates not only take up less space but are essential if you’re planning on expanding your kit with Milwaukee’s PACKOUT workshop tool holders.

Once you have your mounting plate/racking set up you’re all systems go to shop everything Milwaukee PACKOUT workshop has to offer. To finish, below I have listed a few of the best selling Workshop add-ons (and some I just personally find interesting, because why not. It’s my article)

Milwaukee PACKOUT Mounted Tool Cases

Milwaukee Packout Cabinet

Milwaukee PACKOUT Cabinet – 4932480623

The Milwaukee PACKOUT Cabinet from ITS is a large unit to hold your tools or accessories securely.

The Cabinet can be secured on top of other PACKOUT cases or mounted on the wall with the wall mounting plates.

The front door offers easy access to the contents inside.  Once opened, it can be slid back into the cabinet for ease of use. 

Milwaukee PACKOUT Mounted Tool Holders

Milwaukee packout drill holster

Milwaukee PACKOUT Drill Storage Station – 4932480712

Perfect for holding up to two drills, or impact wrench’s etc, some users get creative with it, I’ve seen torches, water bottles you name it, If it fits someone’s done it!

When used with the wall mounting plates, this secures easily with a click and lock mechanism.

Milwaukee M18 Battery Holder

Milwaukee PACKOUT M18 Battery Holder – 4932480709

Batteries clip in to place while the holder is held to the wall with the wall mounting plates.  It offers quick and easy access to your batteries, and knowing where they are when you need them, reduces the time for looking where you ‘thought’ you left them.

Secured into the Wall Mounting Plates with a click and lock mechanism, this lets you organise your workshop to your needs and saves on valuable space.

milwaukee packout magnetic holder

Milwaukee PACKOUT Magnetic Bin 10x10cm – 4932493380

This bin is ideal for holding small accessories, fixings, driver bits and more.  A strong magnetic bin holds the items in place while you transport it.

Incredibly durable, it has been made with impact resistant polymers so as to withstand the rigours of transporting tools and accessories as well as life on site.

The shape and design of the PACKOUT Magnetic Bin means that not only can it be used with the PAKOUT Workshop range, but it can also be used it a number of PACKOUT Cases such as the Organiser (4932464082), Compact Organiser (4932464083), Slim Organiser (4932471064) and the Compact Slim Organiser (4932471065).

Milwaukee packout hooks

Milwaukee PACKOUT Straight Utility Hook – 4932480700

The Milwaukee PACKOUT Straight Utility Hook from ITS is a handy part of the PACKOUT Range.

When used with the wall mounting plates, this hook provides an additional location for your to securely store your tools.

The high strength steel hook which includes coating to protect stored items is capable of holding up to 11kg in weight. 

This hook is easy to put in place with a simple click and lock mechanism.  This frees up essential space in your workshop.

All Milwaukee PACKOUT Workshop Holders

I didn’t want to leave out any of the range, all of the holders are interesting in their own right. Click on any of the images below to find our more about each tool holder.

MIL4932493377 91332.1
MIL4932493384 66093.1
MIL4932493378 58181.1
MIL4932493381 58281.1
MIL4932493379 07651.1
MIL4932480703 06220.1
MIL4932480711 14954.1
MIL4932480714 23878.1
MIL4932480708 01919.1
MIL4932480707 61533.1
MIL4932480713 12521.1
MIL4932480699 54529.1
MIL4932480698 30444.1
MIL4932480706 21013.1
MIL4932480702 85745.1
MIL4932480705 57990.1
MIL4932480704 86761.1
MIL4932480701 79483.1

Milwaukee PACKOUT Mounting Plates

MIL4932471638 96428

Milwaukee PACKOUT Mounting Plate – 4932471638

This is the bread and butter of the system, The mounting plate allows you to turn your PACKOUT cases into the perfect storage solution for your workshop, van or job site!

Just drill this into a wall and you’re ready to start racking your PACKOUT workshop cases / holders.

As said earlier, the mounting plates are modular meaning if you buy another plate it’ll fit nice and snug next to the first!

MIL4932472127 59972

Milwaukee PACKOUT Racking System Kit

The Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Racking System Kit includes two PACKOUT™ racking shelves and two lengths of track that lets you attached and mount your racking system.
The racking system can be mounted on a wide variety of surfaces including vans, trailers, trucks, garages and shops.

It features a metal-reinforced frame and impact resistant body and has a 50lb weight capacity per shelf. The perfect starter set for your mounting your milwaukee cases

All Milwaukee PACKOUT Workshop Mounting

Here we go again, click below to see all the mounting systems currently available.

MIL4932480621 76242.1
MIL4932471638 96428.1
MIL4932480622 78859.1
MIL4932478996 79573.1
MIL4932478711 60996.1
MIL4932472127 59972.1

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