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Take a look at FEIN’s new Grinder Portfolio – launching in 2023.

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FEIN, one of the world’s leading power tools and accessories manufacturer, has announced a new grinding product range, revealing new safety and performance features to meet the latest user needs.

Following the launch, power tool operators working across various disciplines will be able to choose from the extended range of over 40 grinding tools, with corded and cordless options available.

The range has been developed as a result of first-hand industry feedback, to provide a product suitable for every application, for example, angle grinding, die grinding and stainless-steel processing.

Introducing THE FEIN CG 15 Angle Grinder

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The portfolio includes the launch of the CG 15 compact angle grinder – the first of its class to feature a fully encapsulated, brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor.

The tool’s powerful, yet efficient, 1500W motor and superior power-to-weight ratio allow user to operate with superior efficiency and endurance.

Furthermore, the angle grinder has been designed with cost and longevity considerations in mind, it requires fewer wearing parts, has longer service intervals and incurs lower maintenance costs throughout its life.

The CG 15 grinder also offers users extensive protection through a variety of safety features which were driven by user feedback, including restart protection, kick back check, jam monitoring and an efficient brake which brings the tool to a stop in less than 2 seconds.

New Grinders on AMPShare

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FEIN will also be launching an additional 10 FEIN grinding tools on the AMPShare battery platform, powered by Bosch.

The multi-brand shared system allows users to power over 200 different tools from over 30 brands with just one AMPShare battery, eliminating the costly requirement to purchase a specific battery type per tool. 

FEIN now have over 15 products available on AMPShare, including the Original Multimaster, the new range of cordless angle grinders, die grinders and bevellers – with the rest of the 18V cordless range planned to move over in 2023/2024.

Why Choose FEIN?

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With a strong reputation for reliability and performance, FEIN tools are designed to withstand heavy use and are known for their precision and power. As an industry leader, their core focus to provide users with high-performing tools that go above and beyond.

Additionally, the extensive range of tools come with a warranty to give customers peace of mind.

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