Why the Milwaukee M12 Cable Stapler is Essential for Electrical Work

Cables being added to m12 milwaukee cable stapler

If you’re on the hunt for a cable stapler, you’re likely considering your options. Perhaps you’re researching cable staplers in general. Either way, have you checked out the Milwaukee M12 Cable Stapler yet? It might be just what you need! In this article I will be exploring Milwaukee’s M12 BCST-0 Cable Stapler and delving into why if you’re an electrician this tool is a must have!

The Milwaukee M12 Cable Stapler Replaces The Need for a Hammer

The Milwaukee m12 cable stapler

There are many cable staplers on the market but not all cable staplers are built equal. The whole point of a cable stapler is to remove the use of a hammer and fiddling around with Romex staples, more specifically you want a stapler that will give you a nice tight fit with no room for movement. If you wanted loose cables you wouldn’t be stapling them down, would you?

Where other staplers leave wiggle room the the Milwaukee M12 cable stapler ensures a snug fit, keeping cables secure and preventing pinches. The stapler quickly and efficiently gives your cables a warm hugging embrace and lets them know everything is going to be ok. This staple gun really knows how many wires are together to give the proper staple adjustment and no cable movement.

Product Features

The Milwaukee M12 Cable Stapler includes:

  • The cable stapler’s coil-spring mechanism sinks staples to the perfect depth.
  • 45 Staple Magazine Capacity.
  • Fires 1200 staples on a single 2Ah battery – approximately 1 box of staples per charge.
  • Compact, lightweight design – great for working in tight spaces.
  • Compatible with Milwaukee’s 1″ Insulated cable staples.
  • Handy LED Light for maximum visibility on the job at hand.

Technical Specifications

  • Compatible staples: MIL4932479628 (T25 staples)
  • Magazine capacity: 45 staples
  • Battery type: M12 Lithium-ion
  • Battery charge time: 30 minutes (with M12 charger)
  • Weight: 1.4kg (with 2Ah battery)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.9″ x 3.3″ x 10.3″
  • Motor type: Brushed
  • Trigger: Sequential
  • Jam release: Quick access
  • LED work light: Yes
  • Belt hook: Yes

An Efficient Tool That Saves Time

Milwaukee’s M12 Cable Stapler is built with your time in mind when working on big projects requiring a lot of staples there aren’t many options on the market that beat this tool. Whether you’re in the need of an efficient way to tack wires down in hard-to-reach spots, or you’re installing a single circuit this stapler will save you time.

Milwaukee’s Feature Rich Staples

Staples PSD

When buying a cable stapler, in general, you’ll be buying the same staples over and over and usually from the brand that supplies the tool. Thankfully in this case that company is Milwaukee, and when it comes to their accessories and consumables for their cable stapler they don’t play around.

Milwaukee’s 1″ insulated cable staples come in a box of 600 and feature a flat top with a plastic covering to ensure cables are not damaged when cut or fixed. These are great for low-voltage cables such as CAT3, CAT5, CAT6 and COAX cables. At 25mm long and 19mm wide, these staples will have you covered for almost any electrical wiring job.

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