Brand New Makita Cordless Microwave 40V XGT – We’ve Used it

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We love to keep on top of new products here at ITS and this one has certainly been turning some heads. Makita are known for their whacky cordless inventions, from a cordless coffee maker to the cordless cooler box, but today we’re talking about the brand new Makita 40V XGT cordless microwave! (or if you’re Nigella Lawson “mee-cro-wah-vay”) Yes, you heard me right, a battery-powered, cable-free, cordless microwave! Now, at the time of writing, we don’t know much about this cordless microwave but I’ve scrabbled together all I could find on this elusive new model. We’ve seen it advertised as the MW001G but it may change when it makes its UK debut.

Check out the Microwave in use

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Details on the Cordless Microwave

This Makita microwave will be a part of the Makita XGT Range, more specifically the 80V XGT Range and run off 2 of their 40V batteries. It looks like the machine will have two power options of 350W and 500W so you can pick the level of power you need. You’ll see roughly 9 minutes of power from two 40V 2.5Ah batteries on 500W. More than enough to get your lunch nice and warm on-site! But for ultimate power, two 8.0Ah batteries will see a whopping 37 minutes of run time at 500W from this cordless microwave. (approx run times at the time of writing) It has a USB power port so whilst you’re waiting for your lunch, you can give your phone a boost as well.

Makita 40v Microwave in van

The control panel on the top of the model lets you switch between the power modes and set your timings on a simplified panel designed for easy use on-site. It’s worth noting that the plate in this model does not rotate so don’t be alarmed when your food doesn’t spin like a conventional microwave.

Size wise you’re looking at 343 x 318 x 338mm, and it could weigh between 10kg-13kg depending on the batteries being used. It has an 8-litre capacity which should more than cover you no matter how big your appetite. With that in mind, Makita has equipped it with a detachable strap to help transport it to wherever you need it.

So there you have it, whilst it’s not a lot of information right now, we’ll be keeping an eye on new details on this Makita XGT cordless microwave as they develop.

We’ve all been on those job sites where power is a premium and a warm lunch on the go is the stuff of dreams. Well, dream no more! Will you be getting yourself one of these when they come out? Let us know down below.

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Here’s a video from Makita Japan to really whet your appetite in the meantime!

Watch Dan’s Reaction To The New Video Released By Makita Japan

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