The Best Makita Multi Tools – Range Review: 2023

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Finding the best Makita multi tool for your money can be a hard task. This article aims to clear the air around Makita’s multi tools and arm you with the information needed to make an informed buying decision.

Makita’s multi tools are the true all-rounders for working on the job. These incredibly diverse machines are designed to ‘shake’ a blade from left to right at an incredibly high speed.

These oscillations (the movement of the blade left and right) can run to up 10, 20, 30 thousand oscillations per minute. The high speed of the machine, along with the appropriate ‘blade’, allow the power tool to perform a range of jobs.

As experts in the trades and having served the industry for over 40 years, you can trust to give you the best advice!

How To Rate The Best Makita Multi Tool

There are quite a number of features to look for when choosing the right multi tool for your job, they are as follows:

Corded VS Cordless: An age old discussion, which should be dead by now. Cordless tools not only now run at a similar performance level to corded tools, but they’re also safer. The question to ask here is price and convenience driven, corded tools nowadays tend to be cheaper, you also don’t need to change/charge batteries. All of the above will impact your buying decision, at the end of the day weigh up your options and make a decision based on the jobs / projects you’re working on.

Oscillation Angle: The oscillation angle is how far the blade swings from left to right. The greater the angle, the more aggressive the attachment is at doing its respective job.

Shank / Accessory Mount: All of the Makita multi tools will use one of two attachment mounts; either O.I.S*. or Starlock.

How does it feel?: This is actually quite an important part of choosing the right tool. If something doesn’t feel right when you hold it, if it’s too heavy to use, or if you find something that just doesn’t fit right, then its not the one for you.

What Models Do Makita Offer?

Currently, there are 6 models to choose from. Here’s how they compare:

ModelPictureRangeOscillations Per Minute (OPM)AngleShank FitWattage
(110V / 240V)
6000 – 20,0003.2°O.I.S320W
(110V / 240V)
6000 – 20,0003.2°O.I.S320W
TM30DZMAKTM30DZ__3946312V CXT6000 – 20,0003.2°O.I.S320W
DTM50ZMAKDTM50Z__6132318V LXT6000 – 20,0003.2°O.I.S390W
DTM51ZMAKDTM51Z__0847218V LXT6000 – 20,0003.2°O.I.S390W
DTM52ZMAKDTM52Z__8257718V LXT10,000 – 20,0003.6°Starlock MAX370W

It’s all well and good showing a table and showing stats, but you’re here to know what the best Makita multi tool is. With that in mind, I’ve gone through the range and picked the best choices for Corded, 12V and 18V Makita multi tools.

Best Corded Makita Multi Tool

Makita TM3010 Corded Multi Tool

MAKTM3010CK 85950

Quick Release Bolt Makes Changing Blades A Breeze

  • Oscillations Per Minute (OPM)6000 – 20,000
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Angle3.2°
  • Shank FitO.I.S
  • Wattage: 320W
  • Features: Quick release blade holder


“This model features a lever style lock accessory system which lets users swap between blades, or any other accessories without the need to use a hex key.

This makes the whole process fast and easy, allowing you to cut, saw, sand, rasp, scrape, polish and grind… depending on which accessory you’re using. Accessories can be installed at 30° increments, across 360°.”

Best 12V Makita Multi Tool

Makita TM30DZ 12V Multi Tool

MAKTM30DZ 39463

Small But Powerful!

  • Oscillations Per Minute (OPM)6000 – 20,000
  • Power Source: Cordless 12V CXT Battery
  • Angle3.2°
  • Shank FitO.I.S
  • Wattage: 320W
  • Features: Built in LED to help with visibility in dark


” The slimline body allows for a sure grip as well as allowing for comfortable usage in turn reducing fatigue over longer periods.  A conveniently placed on/off switch further enhances the comfort of the user.

The multi tool features a variable speed control dial which allows the tool to run from 6000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute. The soft start control along with anti-restart function ensures operator safety at all times.

Best 18V Makita Multi Tool

Makita DTM52Z 18V Multi Tool

MAKDTM52Z 82577

The Best Makita Multi Tool Money Can Buy?

  • Oscillations Per Minute (OPM)6000 – 20,000
  • Power Source: Cordless 18V LXT Battery
  • Angle3.6°
  • Shank FitStarlock /Starlock Max
  • Wattage: 370W
  • Features: Anti-Vibration Technology to let you work in comfort for longer.


” This right here is the future of multi tools. Not only does It have a brushless motor that works well, lasts long, and needs less fixing. It also is one of the first multi tools to feature anti-vibration technology.

The blade moves at up to 20,000 RPM delivering serious power to the task at hand. However, the vibrations are cancelled out before they reach the user. This greatly reduces the risk of long term damage such as white finger.

Like the TM30DZ, changing the blades is easy and doesn’t need extra tools. It’s easy to hold, and it won’t accidentally start, what more could you want? Oh Starlock blades, yes, it uses Starlock blades.”

More Multi Tool Info

What Materials Will a Makita Multi Tool Work With?

Multi tools are built to work with a wide range of materials, thus the name “Multi” tool. However, in the same way you need job specific blades for your jigsaw or specialist discs for your grinder, you will need the right attachments for your multi tool.

There are attachments for cutting, sanding, grinding and even polishing. These ‘blades’ can be found as part of a multi-pack or as single items. There are blades for working with plastic, wood, masonry and metal.

For sanding, not only are there backing pads, but like any sander, different types of sanding paper for different materials. The same is true for polishing and grinding.

There are some really cool attachments that you might consider would work with a multi-tool; from double socket box cutters, hole saws, to scrapers as well as depth control tools the possibilities are almost endless.


With all that said what type of blades do you need for your multi tool? In this next section, we will explain the different types of blades. There are currently 2 different blade fittings that you can purchase, O.I.S and Starlock. It’s worth bearing in mind that Starlock compatible multi tools can use both O.I.S blades and Starlock blades, but not all multi tools can use Starlock blades (Look out for the Starlock logo).

Makita multi tool 3

Makita uses the OIS connection on their older Multi Tools.

OIS stands for Oscillating Interface System.

The multi tool blades have a U shape fitting that connect and secure to the tool.

Originally designed to work across different brands, its popularity was soon replaced by the Starlock System.

Starlock Blue Accessories

The original Starlock mount was created by Bosch and Fein. It is a standardised accessory system that lets you use cross-brand accessories.

Starlock blades feature a future-proof ‘cake-tin’ pattern for a 3D connection between the motor and accessory. This ensures 100% power transfer for maximum performance, stability and precision.

As well as ‘basic’ Starlock blades, there is also Starlock Plus and Starlock Max.

The primary difference between each of these is the power requirement of each multi-tool. The more powerful the tool, the stronger the accessory is needed. Starlock Max is designed for the more high powered multi-tools.

I hope this has shown as well as persuaded you to invest in one of these. You can read more about Makita Tools here

A multi tool is definitely the most versatile power tool in any tradesman’s arsenal. From pro’s to DIY enthusiasts, the multi tool is the one power tool that should be in your hands. They’re adaptable, durable, reliable and great for multi-tasking.

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